Stimulating Your K9

Stimulating Your K9

Dogs and children have a lot in common…

One of the biggest challenges is to keep your dog amused. A bored dog is a destructive dog and you will often find chewed slippers, scratched doors and severed carpets. So what are the best ways to keep them entertained even when you are not there?

Treat Balls

Dogs love a challenge, especially if they can smell a treat at the end of it. Most good stockists offer balls that can be stuffed with smelly treats that can only be released by rolling the ball over a certain point. It offers great stimulation and keeps their minds sharp. Many dog owners have observed such balls occupying pets for periods exceeding half an hour.

Game Boards

In much the same way as the above, these toys are designed to keep treats stored behind a rotating puzzle. The dog cannot release the treat until the puzzle has been solved. It is remarkable how dogs can learn and these games are an excellent example of such.

Long Walks

The mere expression of the word is enough to get all tails furiously wagging. A good walk outside allows the canine to fully extend their noses and stretch their limbs. It burns energy and raises tremendous levels of excitement that will calm them in the aftermath.
It is also fun to make your own treats. A simple yet effective trick is to place a hard ball inside an old sock. It will be thrown around for hours by most dogs and allow them to express their instincts as hunters in a completely safe way.

Always try to think up new and innovative ways to entertain your pet. It can be fun for you as an owner and help you learn too. If everything fails, throw that dog a stick!


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