Stop Your Puppy Drinking From The Toilet

It’s not just an old cartoon cliché. Puppies—specifically when they’re untrained—it’s unsanitary and just a plain old bad habit that you need to break. They’ll make a mess of your restroom, and fill up on nasty, disgusting toilet water in lieu of actual nutritious food and clean, drinkable water. Here’s how to stop them from getting wrapped-up in these bad habits.

It’s Not Just About A Wet Floor

Your pooch can ingest harmful bacteria, which can easily cause gastrointestinal problems among your dog. More than that, if you use cleaning products in your toilet on a regular basis, such as bleach, or stuck-on toilet bowl cleaners that activate every time you flush, they’re ingesting a whole lot more than just water. It’s dangerous for their health.

Child Lock

Treat your dog like a toddler; use a plastic child lock to keep the lid snapped closed. If your dog somehow finds a way around this, you’ve got an Einstein pooch on your hands. If for any reason they bash into it and break it to gain access to the bowl, just put a child lock on the door and keep it closed at all times. Let your guests know when they come over to keep it closed, as well.

Get A Larger Doggy Bowl

Your pooch might just be finishing their water and heading off to the restroom to continue drinking. This happens especially if you’ve got a big dog, like a Great Dane or another bulky beast. Increase the size of their water bowl, and set alarms on your smartphone or stove timer to check it more frequently. If you’re filling the water up often enough so they’re bowl never decreases to less than halfway full, they’ll have no reason to seek out another water source.