Strange but True Dog Trainers

It’s so easy a monkey could do it, literally!

Dogs are found and owned all over the world and there are some remarkable stories about the animal kingdom and training of canines. In order to highlight how easy it can be to install basic training with the right patience, we have highlighted strange cases:

The Goose’s Generosity

In Poland, a boxer dog was left blind after an accident with no real means to get around. The owner also kept geese and one feathered friend decided to assist. The bird now directs the dog around the home and yard with the use of sounds and wrapping its neck around the dog and guiding it.

The Monkey’s best friend

It was reported last year that a chimpanzee had befriended a stray puppy and raised it as its own. Remarkable pictures were obtained showing the dog being walked by the monkey and integrating as a pet to the monkey group.

Dogs and Cats

Perhaps less exotic, there are numerous cases across the UK of cats and dogs becoming close friends. One incident in Scotland detailed that a cat had trained a dog to open doors for it and obtain items it could not reach. In return the dog received the rewards of their hunts and shared with the cat.

There are incredible stories of animals training dogs or working with them across the world. It demonstrates the easy to which the training can be utilised if the correct time and attitude is invested. Remember, if a goose can do it so can you!


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