Dogs R’ us

Stopping your canine eating poo! One major embarrassing behaviour that inflicts many dog owners is the sight of your furry friend tucking into another dogs passing. It can be fairly humiliating for an owner and that does not even touch on the hygiene side of the behaviour. We review the key steps to stop your dog from indulging in the […] Continue Reading

How to keep your canine mentally stimulated

One of the hardest things for any dog owner to do is maintain a stimulated lifestyle for their pet. Little things can go a long way to ensuring good health; we take a look at the key elements to try at home: Varied walks Your dog does not just look where they are going on a daily walk but smell […] Continue Reading

Could my dog be a film star?

Hollywood is packed with movies featuring celebrity dogs and stunt canines offering incredible onscreen entertainment. It is clearly an extreme form of dog training and not attainable by most pets. So what are the characteristics of an onscreen furry star? Professional animal trainers in America are quick to point out that certain breeds of dog are simply too tough to […] Continue Reading

The Truth about Canine Emotions

Scientists and dog lovers alike have long debated the extent of dog emotions. It is an interesting debate and recent research has suggested that dogs have a similar emotional state to that of a two year old. This is interesting on a number of levels, namely that infants of this age do not have a fully established range of emotions, […] Continue Reading

If you think you’re bad…

Most dog owners will from time to time cross the line between caring and obsessing about their canine. It is human nature in much the same we worry about family members, home security and money. Recent research has uncovered a number of extreme practices that are simply going too far: The Dog Phone As technology has moved forward so has […] Continue Reading

Top Tips to Avoid When Training a Puppy

It is incredible how many dog owners continue to introduce bad practices when training their pet. It not only slows the process but can leave lasting behaviour problems. We review the most common mistakes during training: Over use of treats As the term suggests that should be used sparingly and as a reward, not provided regularly simply for looking cute. […] Continue Reading