The Benefits of Clicker Training

Clicker training is a new form of training used by both dog trainers and their owners. It consists of using a clicker to have the dog do the command, and is usually accompanied by a treat. This has revolutionised the training many dogs get, and it’s made obedience training that much easier. There’s a lot of benefits to it, and here are some of them.

The first is that you’ll have the same sound to tell the dog what to do, and the clicker is used as a signal. For starters, if you tell the dog to sit, you say the command, click, the dog does it (to whatever degree at first but then later he executes the full command), and then he gets a treat. When the dog hears that noise, he’ll associate it with a treat, and that’s the way to condition the dog to execute the command. It makes it easier, because it’s the same stagnant noise, so the dog won’t have to listen for the exact sound and wording from your voice.

Another benefit is that the dog will learn faster. He won’t have to be stuck mulling around, but instead it’s just like the bell in Pavlov’s experiment. He rings it, the dog comes and then eats. It’s the same theory, and it will condition the dog to learn faster. This can also be used with a variety of tricks as well, and it will make learning the command a lot easier.

Clicker training is great for any dog because it allows the dog to learn fast, and learn well.


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