The One With The Spots – Dalmatians

Dalmatians are the pretty dogs with the spots. They are flashy and sporty and love to run. These are the characteristics that made them so popular. In the 1800s and early 1900s, the Dalmatian ran alongside horses or carriages to alert the drivers of highwaymen, robbers, or even other dogs that could be dangerous. Later, firefighters had them run along the horse-drawn fire engines to protect the horses from the dogs in the streets.

The Dalmatian has a good sense of humor, smiles, and is very smart. He loves to run or jog for miles at a time. He will prompt you for his walk by bringing your sneakers or his leash. He likes to jump and is great fun on an agility course. If you like training for marathons, this is the dog for you.

You must like dog hair because Dalmatians are big shedders. The hairs are stiff and dig themselves into the fabric. The coat has to be brushed at least once a week, really more often if you can find the time. It will save you from constantly finding dog hair on your furniture and floors.

Dalmatians want to be with you and will grieve when away from you or isolated. He will be destructive when left alone. He will chew when bored. He will bark and whine when he is lonely. He will not do well as an outside dog at all.

A Dalmatian needs a loving family most of all. Dalmatians are people lovers. He will want to be included in everything you do, all of the time.


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