The Wonder of a Watchdog

Wonder of Watchdogs

It is important to understand there is a sizeable difference between watch dogs and protection canines. Most dog owners encourage such behaviour from their pets if only to bark when someone approaches or raise an alarm to unusual sounds.

As oppose to sophisticated training, watch dogs simply need their instincts to be harnessed. From a young age make sure you puppy knows it’s healthy to watch at the window and make a noise when someone approaches. As long as it does not become excessive this behaviour is natural.

What dogs make the best watch dogs?

The honest answer is that most dogs will fill this category. Larger dogs such as German Shepherds, collies through to little terriers are all more than willing to alert owners to potential activity outside the home.

If you wish to ensure your dog will act as a watchdog, make sure they are fully aware your home is theirs. This way they will identify borders and always keep sight for anyone (or anything) entering these areas.

Many owners will laugh if their puppy or junior dog barks or growls at leaves rustling in the front lawn. This is an important development skill in terms of looking after your home, so don’t put a stop to it.

There are a number of breeds that are not particularly adapted to acting in the capacity of watchdogs. Pugs, certain mature Mountain Dogs and further shy dogs are unlikely to be perched at the window, unless their sleeping spots are nearby!

If you are interested in developing enhanced watchdog skills, contact us for assistance and information on making your canine as valuable to your home as CCTV.


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