Top Tips for Training at Home

Top Tips Home Training

Although it is always useful to seek training advice from the professionals, there are a number of concepts to consider for improving your canine’s behaviour. We examine the top tips:

Listen to Your Dog

Not everyone speaks ‘dog’ or can decode the tone of a canine ‘woof’. Learn to read the basic signs and work with your dog. If they are excited and lively, then are likely to be receptive to training at that time.

Healthy Rewards

It is important to train your K9 and show them gestures of success. Offering specifically designed dog treats is the best approach. Many pet owners will use human food as a treat or reward which is simply hazardous to the dog’s health.

Use them sparingly and don’t always reward on completion of a task. This way the dog will learn to complete obedience duties without expecting a treat.

Stick to your own Rules

It is important to be consistent with a dog because sending mixed messages will not only confuse them, but set back training. If a dog is commanded to stay off the furniture, they should not be allowed to jump up on random occasions.

Be fair to your canine and play fair…


Giving your dog a little bit of space and trust can often work well. It teaches them that good behaviour results in additional promise. They can share a similar outlook to teenagers and children so take away their space if they take advantage.

Finally, ensure not to treat a dog like a child, it will not benefit them in the long run and make them difficult to train. That includes allowing them to share your bed or eat from your plate!

The list of tips for dog training is almost endless, the main thing is to remember to show patience at all times.


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