Understanding Your Dog

Understanding Your Dog

There are a number of ways to communicate with your dog, some simpler than others. We have reviewed a number of ideas to get in touch with your dog and listed them below:

Listen to the bark

Your canine will primarily talk to you via their bark. Different tones highlight their mood. For example short and varied barking often means excitement, often found around walk time. A more anxious bark will be aggressive and loud, usually meaning they are concerned about something. It is usually someone approaching the house, a loud noise or if they are in protection mode.


The most obvious body movement is a wagging tail; it indicated happiness and is a great way to judge your dog. Other signs such as rapid scratching and pacing are signs of stress and it is worth keeping any eye on your dog.

Eating habits

Many dogs have unique ways of eating, some will eat less when they are worried and others will scoff their bowl. Keep an eye on their food habits and identify their moods with their eating. It will prove insightful In the long run.


Learning to read your dog will enable you to train them much better. Spend time and research, even watching your dog will make a big difference. You will be amazed at how much you can learn.

You do not need a degree to understand your canine, simply a good eye and follow the above steps. One final point; your dog is also a keen learner and will watch your every move and learn from you. Send them positive signals during training and reap the benefits.


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