What a Dog Needs

If you have a new dog or even an old dog, there are certain physical requirements that you should provide for your beloved companion. Perhaps you already have these, but maybe there are a few here that you should reconsider:


If, your dog, is going outside at all, you need a fenced area. Why? Other dogs can get to your dog if the area is not fenced, and so can raccoons, cats, and varmints. You dog could also wander and end up in the dog pound. Some of them can get over and around fences, but they are less likely to try when they see a barrier.


Your dog needs a crate so she has her own home. Even if she sleeps with you, she needs her own space too.


Your dog needs its own bed for a place to sleep when your lap isn’t available and to also learn to stay by itself when you are busy.

Baby Gate

Your dog needs physical boundaries to keep them away from harmful objects. If you have a space heater, for example, a dog’s coat can be burned if it gets too close.

Collar and Tag

Your dog needs a collar on at all times and a tag on the collar to identify its owner and vet.

Nail Clippers

Your dog’s nails must be cut at least once a month or they will curl under and cause pain when they walk.


Your dog must be brushed often to get rid of the dead hair and mats, even if they have a short coat.


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