What a Dog Wants

Your dog has needs and wants, just like you do. Unfortunately, dogs don’t articulate very well, although you will notice they can communicate, just not in a straightforward way like we do when we hold a conversation. These are the wants of your dog that you are trusted to provide.

Good Health

Give your annual dog checkups to the vet, as well as taking her immediately if she appears ill or lackluster.


Keep your dog bathed and her area clean. If she is outside, make sure she has fresh food and water. Pick up her litter.


Your dog lives for your love and trust. She needs love every single day.


Your dog wants to know her boundaries. Most dogs have at least the understanding of a two-year-old. You wouldn’t leave a toddler without training, do the same for your dog.


Your dog needs things to stimulate her mental growth and physical growth. Don’t just give her a ball or Frisbee and tell her to fetch. Buy toys she has to think about to get the reward. Buy toys that squeak and make funny noises. Give her crackle toys, chewy toys, puzzles, and treat boxes to open. Test her intelligence with challenging toys.


Let your dog know the comfort of limits and rhythm to the day. Feed her at the same time, take her out at the same times, and walk her every day, not just for potty needs, but for exercise and socializing.

When you listen to your dog’s wants, she will be a better companion and more contented, healthier, and happier. This is all you want for your dog, isn’t it? To be happy and healthy?


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