What are Calm Dog Breeds for Flat Dwellers?

Living in a small flat can limit the size of the dog you can own. Some landlords have specific rules about the maximum weight for the pets allowed; others have noise ordinances that prohibit barking. The pet parent may also be concerned about the proper exercise for their canine companion. Picking a calm dog breed for flat dwellers is important for the comfort of all affected.

In the UK, we have several dogs that make excellent calm dog breeds for flat dwellers.

We recommend the following five:

Boston Terriers: They love people more than other dogs, and will prefer their family naptime to a dog park. They are gentle, easily housetrained, and are happy with playing fetch in the flat to exercise.

Cairn Terrier: They love to please their people, and have a true terrier personality. They are high-spirited, intelligent, stubborn, and love to play with children.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: These are very playful and loving dogs that want to be around people, but are watchful of strangers. They love flat living because they are just as happy laying at the side of their owners as they are in the garden playing.

Chihuahuas: These are alert and bold little dogs that love to play, and then they love to sleep. They are fiercely loyal, sometimes even one-person dogs. They enjoy burrowing under blankets and love a cuddle.

Miniature Poodles: They are very intelligent, quick to housetrain, and learn new tricks easily. They are non-shedding but require monthly grooming. They are very sensitive and make an exceptional choice as calm dog breeds for flat dwellers.


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