What are the Best Dog Toys for my Chewy?

Let’s face it; one of the most annoying things about a chewy dog is the destruction of the home and property. In one hour a chewing dog can tear apart toys, clothing, and sofas.

Toys are necessary for the health and growth of a dog. They stimulate their brains, help them to cope with boredom, relieve the pain of teething, and give their people parents a respite from the broken furniture and torn cushions.

The toys below are called The Indestructibles! They are dog-tested and people pleasing for their puzzles and power.

  • Happy Pet Grubber Ball, easy to wipe, easy to grip, fun for fetch.
  • Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Tennis Ball, made of tuff stuff, day glow yellow for easy spotting, and fits most ball thrower machines.
  • Happy Pet Tough Toy Nobbly Wobbly Dog Toy, this rainbow-colored ball is not quite a ball, but functions like one. Dogs love it for the nobly chewy pieces and the unpredictable bounce when thrown.
  • Tasty Bone Dog Toy, Bacon, this chewy and delicious dog bone is a tough toy. It can take the hardened chews of a bulldog and still remain intact. This is a toy your dog will claim again and again.
  • Kong Dog Toys, the rubber bouncy “cone” is a favorite for every sized pet. The cone will bounce randomly around the room, and the opening for peanut butter or crunchy treats occupies their attention for hours, trying to get every lick of their favorite snack.


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