What are the Best Dogs for Families?

Every family needs a dog, someone who always loves, wants to play, and is reliable. The chosen breed needs to have a well-balanced personality, is friendly and patient, yet also a helpful watchdog. There are several dog breeds that are well suited to be called the best dogs for families, but we recommend these four top breeds:

Labrador Retriever and Golden Retrievers: These dogs are loyal, very smart and extremely affectionate and tolerant with kids. They are very versatile: they retrieve, swim, walk calmly and can act as your running partner.

You say you wanted something a little smaller? How about a beagle, one of the best dogs for families because of their loving nature and abundance of patience? Beagles like everybody and almost never act aggressively, but they are best known for their love of a cuddle.

Not a hound fan? What about a fluffy Bichon Frise? This sweet dog has such a happy disposition that everyone falls in love with their personality. They are easily trained, very affectionate, shed very little, and have a hypoallergenic coat. These last traits are brilliant for families with small children as they will not leave piles of dog scattered about the house.

For those who think bigger, we suggest the St. Bernard. These dogs were bred to help people survive and make the best dogs for families. They are smart, quiet, restful and calm, but a bit clumsy when they are puppies. They look imposing but they are a pot of jelly when it comes to aggression.


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