What breed is best for me?

If you are currently searching for a new dog, it can be difficult to strike a balance between your lifestyle and desirable breed of canine. To help make your decision and hunt a little more channelled, we have detailed below key points to assist:


Property, like animals come in all shapes and sizes. It may seem obvious but it hardly makes sense to house large dogs such as Mountain Dogs or St Bernard’s in tiny flats where room is at a premium. Similarly, dogs that need plenty of exercise would benefit from easy access to a large back garden or close by grassland.
Dogs that are housed in-appropriately can be tougher to train so consider this carefully before jumping in.


Breeds such as spaniels are renowned for being high maintenance and requiring significant exercise. If you in poor health, it might be worth considering a less demanding dog physically.

Alone Time

Many dogs will need to be left alone for long periods when owners are at work. Many canines will find this especially stressful and be reduced to becoming destructive. Avoid introducing a dog into your home that might suffer from long spells of solitary.


Certain breeds are also renowned as being excellent around children. If you have children or expect regular young visitors, focus your hunt accordingly.

Adopt or buy?

It is also wise to discuss if an older adopted dog would be best or purchasing a new born puppy. Although the idea of taking in a mistreated animal is appealing it could require extra attention and could lead to problems with training or integration.

No matter what breed you eventually introduce; begin training straight away and make sure they are aware of house rules from an early stage. It might be best to employ a third party so if you need advice, please contact us.


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