What is the Best Puppy Food for my New Buddy?

A new puppy is such a cute and sweet addition to any home that we want to take extra care we are feeding it properly. You might ask what difference does it make if I feed adult dog food or puppy food?

A puppy grows twenty times faster than an adult dog during the same time period. A puppy needs a special puppy food diet to assure that the bones; joints and muscles are developing properly.

The ingredients that we want in the best puppy food are:

Protein, in the form of whole animal products like lamb, chicken, or salmon.
Carbohydrates, complex ones like oats, rice, buckwheat and maize
Natural fats and oils, to make a shiny coat and develop strong muscles
Vitamins and minerals, including C, E, B, A, calcium, Omega 3 and 6, and phosphorus

Additions we don’t want in the puppy food:

Meat and vegetable by-products make sure you know what the ingredients are because by-products are pretty disgusting
Corn or wheat, these are just cheap, empty carbohydrates,
Corn syrup
Chemicals like growth hormones, pesticides, BHA, BHT Propylene Glycol, Ethoxyquin, Hydrochloric Acid, artificial colors and flavors

In addition, bone meal, cellulose and sugar and unhealthy fillers for cheap dog food.
The best puppy foods rated 5 stars and available in the UK are: Aatu 80/20, Akela 80/20, Eden Dog Food, Millies Wolfheart, Orijen, Simpsons Premium 80/20 and Truline.

It is also suggested that the puppy receive a little wet and dry food every day, but mostly a dry food diet.


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