Why Crate Train a Puppy?

Training a puppy to stay in a crate is not cruel and unusual punishment. Although it looks as though you have banished the puppy to “puppy jail”, the puppy will not think that way unless you teach it to see the crate as a jail.

Puppies love warm, cuddly places. When you place a puppy in a crate, provide a warm towel straight from the dryer and the puppy will love that space.

Puppies love to get into small places, and the crate is just the right size. Buy a crate that is snug, but not confining. The crate should be big enough to stretch, but not so big there is area to use the bathroom. Part of the advantage using a crate is that housebreaking goes much faster.

Leave the door to the crate open all day, as long as your puppy is supervised. You will be surprised how many times your puppy will go there for comfort or rest. When a puppy gets overtired or over stimulated, they like a quiet place to be alone.

When the puppy “goes to bed” at night, close the door and give him a treat. The treat can be a favourite chew toy or a small dog treat, but only give it when he goes to bed. He will look forward to the treat and his own space.

Giving a puppy a home within your home will give him more security. When he has a crate in which to stay while you are away or at work, he will rest much better and be less anxious.


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