Why You Should Never Use A Shock Collar

Electric shock collars are another convenience of the 21st century, and many believe they’re inhumane. It’s up to you to interpret, but there are more reasons than the protection of animal rights to not buy a shock collar. Let’s get into them.

It Damages Your Bond

You don’t have a canine companion for the sole purpose of having one. They’re a member of the family, and you wouldn’t put a shock collar on your kids, right? Many think that because dogs aren’t ranked among the most intelligent creatures on the planet, that they can’t figure out a simple conclusion. You put a collar on them; they’re caused pain. This can really damage your relationship with your dog.

Inconsistent Results

This shock collar trend, unfortunately, does work on some dogs to fix behaviour. It’s categorised by breed and by age, but for some, they do. The key thing to understand here is that it’s an extremely small minority of results that give positive results, and most of them actually confuse your pooch. If you couple your shock collar with vocal commands, their brans get confused based on shocks and become used to silent command (the shock) as opposed to vocal commands. It can actually make them less likely to listen when you say “stop.”

Pure Danger

It can instigate the fight or flight response, and actually ensue a fight. If you’re reprimanding you dog near a child or another canine, you’ll face the possibility of a biting episode or dog fight due to the effects of the shock. These are not the “quick fixes” that packaging and advertisements suggest. It’s not able to replace proper training through an instructor or dog trainer, and it’s certainly not a way to display your affection to your pet.