Why Your Dog Is Ignoring Your Commands

It’s not always easy to train a pooch, especially when you’re the one doing it and not a professional dog training service. However, hundreds of people do it every day, and it’s an ongoing educational experience for your dog. Here’s why they may not be currently listening to your commands.

Insufficient Treats

You’re not supplying them with enough of an incentive. Over time, your pooch will listen to your commands with ease, but until then, you’ve got to give up the good prizes. If your pooch doesn’t care for the item or treat you’re providing as a reward, then you’re not going to see any results.

Losing Your Cool

It’s the same as teaching a child how to properly behave. Losing your temper, yelling, or banging against anything as a response will not teach your pooch any better. It’s actually going to do the opposite, and they won’t want to listen to you because you keep freaking out on them.

Distractions Abound

Are you trying to train him near his toys or bed, or at a playground? If there are too many distractions surrounding him, then you’re not going to see any results. Try and contain this to your backyard, and move any of their outside toys if this is the case. Less distractions equals stronger, more effective training.

You’re Expecting Too Much

It’s a dog; you may love your canine companion, but you’re not going to see the same results that you will in a mentored child or anything similar. You need to understand the probable expectations of a dog. It’s not a difficult thing to do, but they are stubborn and hard-headed. You’ll have to be consistent with timing, expectations and actual training sessions before you can expect to see any form of results.