Your Behaviour Encourages Your Dog

Ever notice that puppy gets all over-excited at certain times? Perhaps they get anxious when you’re feeling down? It’s not a sheer coincidence; it’s all to do with how their master (you) behave on a regular basis, or under pressured situations. He’s your little guy, your companion; he wants to feel what you’re feeling, and looks to you for guidance.

What Does Your Dog’s Behaviour Say About You?

You are the authority figure; the master of your canine. When your behaviour is often eccentric, you’re going to find your pooch wants to go on walks or be let out into the yard far more often. Even if it’s from long work days, if you lounge the moment you get home, you’ll soon find your pup doing the exact same thing. They’re four-legged parrots, mimicking our behaviour.

Noise Levels

Be honest with yourself: do you talk as if you’re on a football field all the time? Are you quiet as a mouse? It’s completely reflective in your canine. When someone has a loud dog who barks a whole lot, for seemingly no reason, you can usually note how loud the person is, as well.

Friendly or Off-putting

You can be a social butterfly or a recluse, but either way, it’s going to show in your beloved best friend. If you’re the type to approach others and engage in communication without being prompted, your dog will be that friendly, go-getter just like you. If you’re more of a recluse and don’t really like to socialise, or don’t engage others in physical greetings such as a hug, then you’re going to see your dog either remain where they are when someone enters the room, or actually turn and go to a safer place where they feel more comfortable and relaxed.