Children and Dogs: Solutions to Annoying Problems

Every home with a dog has run across annoying situations that merit a solution. If you have this combination in your household, see if any of these situations and solution can fit your occasion.

1. Dog barking when child goes for quiet time.

Possible solution:

  • Place the dog into his kennel for his nap
  • Give the dog extra attention, turning it into a special time for the dog
  • Train him with a device to not bark

2. Dog jumping up on the child

Possible solution:

  • Teach the dog not to jump on anyone with positive reinforcement
  • Teach the child to lift the knee closest to the dog and turn away
  • Provide negative consequences to the dog like training with a shock collar

3. The dog steals the child’s food

Possible solution:

  • Require the child to eat in the kitchen
  • Require the dog to be absent from the kitchen during meal times
  • Feed the dog right before the child and turn them out to potty during meals and snacks

4. The dog is aggressive towards the child

Possible solution:

  • Reprimand the dog immediately and check the behaviour of the child
  • Do not ever allow this behaviour
  • Enroll the dog in obedience classes to learn appropriate manners

5. The dog potties in the children’s play area

Possible solution:

  • Fence in the play area so the dog cannot intrude
  • Place the dog in a separate area for potty functions
  • Place the dog in a fenced area for potty functions


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